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white kittens
white kittens

Kittens are one of the cutest creatures on earth. They are also known as the safest wild creatures. White kittens are providing you kittens who are raised with love and affection. After an exhausting day at work, you need peace. A white kitten can relax your mind in seconds. However, we treat them as we treat our children. They grew with us. So, there is an emotional attachment between kittens and humans. Most of the researches say kittens can read your eyes when you are sad. It is difficult to find a pure white kitten.

Different breeds of a white kitten

Among the white kittens, there are many breeds. There is a range of long hair, short hair, feathery cats. Professionals take care of them with love. A white kitten needs attention and affection in their earlier days.

  • British shorthair
  • American curl
  • Maine coon
  • American shorthair
  • Cornish Rex
  • Japanese bobtail
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Oriental shorthair
  • Persian

British shorthair

British shorthair is not so active as other kittens. However, it is neither always playful. Although white British shorthair is very rare but British blue is the most common variant in these kittens. These kittens have big orange expressive eyes so that everyone recognizes them. Moreover, it does not like to be picked up by people as it gets too uncomfortable.

American curl

American curl is recognized by its remarkable ears. If they are handled everything is fine and if they are not then it can cause a little harm to the kitten. However, it was discovered in California in 1981. Generally, the American curl is a healthy breed. When these kittens are born with straight ears. After some time ears start to bend and then stops bending for the rest of their lives.

white kittens

Maine coon

Maine coons are one of the best kittens to have. They have a very friendly nature and their attachment with humans is remarkable. However, they are temperature sensitive. Maine coon are has a cuddly nature which makes its attachment with humans more strong.

American shorthair white kittens

It is clear from this kitten’s name that it has short hairs. However, it is a medium-sized kitten. However, the American shorthair has many colors like brown, grey, white, golden, and blue cream. The white-colored American shorthair is rare. Moreover, the American shorthair is a very pleasant kitten who mix- up with people and enjoys playing with toys.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is more of a domestic cat. It has fewer hairs than the other kittens. Most of them have three different colors of coats on them and a small head with large ears.  But the white color is the most in-demand. Those white kittens have trouble with hair loss. However, Cornish Rex is a naughty breed when they are home alone.

Japanese bobtail

Japanese bobtail kittens are expensive to own. These kittens look more like a rabbit. They like to communicate with children with their naughty and soft voices. However, These kittens are sensitive and catch allergy rapidly. But they have a friendly and loving nature.

Norwegian Forest kitten white kittens

The Norwegian forest kitten is alike with Maine coon. However, this breed can bear a cold climate. This cat has strong claws so it is very good at climbing on heights. Just like Maine coon, its male is bigger than females.

Oriental shorthair

These kittens have short hair but they are very athletic. Oriental shorthair is a very intelligent and passionate type of kittens. However, these kittens are non-allergic.