What is Assertiveness?

What is Assertiveness?

Assertiveness skills allow you to express your opinions, feelings, and needs in an open manner without being passive and without violating the rights of others. These skills allow a person to stand up for their personal rights, accept compliments, say no, and quietly disagree with others.

How to be assertive?

Infirm training, the basic assumption is that everyone is allowed to have a different opinion and express it. Unlike being aggressive or passive, the ability to be assertive has major advantages, including maintaining self-esteem, increasing one’s chance of getting what one wants without alienating others, and maintaining relationships in times of conflict.

Resolute training and consulting at the CBD in Brisbane

Lack of firmness is often associated with problems with anger, depression, and anxiety. Pack skills can be learned through practice. There are many basic steps involved, as well as many other related skills that can help you become more effective.

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