What are the important steps of sofa Disassembly?

Whether you want to move your home or relocate your furniture from a place to another place within the building you need sofa disassembly services. You will get these services through an expert sofa doctor that is offering its services online. There are several furniture doctors providing sofa assembly & disassembly services to the people who want their services.

The disassembly of the sofa or other furniture is the process of disconnecting or dismantling the parts, pieces, & screws of it. All the screws, glue, and other helping material is removed from the furniture to separate its parts from each other. The most important cause of disassembling a sofa is to move it from one place to another place carefully and easily. It becomes so easy to move heavy and sensitive sofa after disassembling it. You can easily & carefully move the sofa from the small doors & narrow staircases of your home or office.

The question is that, who will disassemble the sofa? When we talk about furniture assembly or disassembly, we cannot deny that it should be done through the furniture doctors. The furniture doctors are the persons who have complete knowledge, professional experience, skills, and qualifications in assembling, repairing, and disassembling different types of furniture. So they are the best option for this purpose of you want to get sofa disassembly.

Steps of sofa disassembly

  • Tide-off all the screws
  • Remove the back support
  • Remove seats and sofa cover
  • Dismantle the legs and seat support board
  • Pack everything to move

Tide-off all the screws:

This is the first and foremost step of disassembling a sofa. In this step, you have to tide-off all the screws, remove the glue, and then remove the rest material which had used to assemble the parts of the sofa. Professional sofa engineers can easily do this job because they are expert in this field and they know how to do this job effectively and efficiently. They use specific tools & equipment to tide-off the screws.

Remove the back support board:

The first thing you need to remove from the sofa is its back support. This is an important part of your sofa which is the tallest part of it. Therefore, you need to remove it first and then continue the remaining disassembly. You need to remove the back support very carefully after ensuring that all the screws & glue have tided-off thoroughly.

Remove seats and sofa cover:

The third step of sofa disassembly is to remove its seats & sofa cover. You have to remove the sofa cover very carefully to keep it safe from any damage or scratch. When you have removed the back support board of the sofa you can easily remove the seat and the sofa cover to continue for the further disassembly.

Dismantle the legs & seat support board:

The last and the most important step of the whole process of disassembling a sofa is to dismantle its legs and then the seat support board. When you remove the legs from the sofa it loses its shape and structure completely. You can remove its legs one by one and then tide-off the screws & remove the glue from its seat support board. When you have completed this step, your sofa has thoroughly disassembled.

Pack everything to move:

After completing all the steps of disassembly of your sofa you can pack everything carefully in the specific packaging boxes to move the sofa from a place to another place. Now you can easily move it from the smallest doors and even the narrow staircases without any hurdle and damage. Whenever you need to move your sofa or other furniture, you can follow a similar procedure of disassembling the sofa. It will work for your furniture relocation.