Welcome to 1Moore Studios

Welcome to 1Moore Studios

We are pleased to announce that Mount Street Studios has joined the Global 1Moore Studios directory.

1Moore Studios is a new and modern professional recording facility, located in the heart of NewYork, and the first studio in the East Midlands to join our directory. 1Moore Studios provides all the services that contemporary musicians, producers, and writers need to inspire music creation.

With a spacious living room of 30sqm, separate sound booths, and a drum room, all with specialized floating floors and clear sightlines shared between them; Recording spaces are really Nottingham’s most professional environment to achieve the perfect sound. With a boutique control room, relaxation room, and helpful kitchen, 1Moore Studios provide the perfect space for musicians to write, record, and produce.

The studio aims to enhance the regional and national music scene by providing a state-of-the-art facility for local and international artists, musicians, and producers.

From an abandoned 1960s boiler room housing industrial boilers serving the original office building above, space has been stripped and transformed over the past eighteen months into a fully custom analog recording studio. The purpose-built cylinder room began its life as a coal bunker, complete with a shaft, housing over 24 tons of synthetic coal, all washed by hand!

1Moore Studios combines an easy and quiet atmosphere with all the professionalism you’d expect from a first-class professional recording studio, offering a full range of services including recording, mixing, and production.

Fully equipped with carefully selected cutting-edge digital and analog devices, each with its own stories to tell, we offer a balance between the best modern and antique equipment available in the world of recording.

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