Things You Should Know About White Kitten Scottish Fold Cat

White kittens

Cats are the most beautiful pets. Most of the people love to have a cat as their pet. White kittens are special breeds of cats. There are many people that gift these kittens as gifts to their loved ones. Scottish fold is one of the well-known breeds from this category. This cat is originated in Scotland with a folded ear cat named Susie. Due to this, a new breed came with folded ears. Thus they are named as Scottish fold cats. These cats come in two varieties mainly. These are short-haired and long-haired cats. These are the most adorable and cute cats. So that they quickly gained recognition and adopted by a lot of people.

Physical characteristics of Scottish fold:

Moreover to the folded ears the there are many other characteristics of these cats included like large rounded eyes. Most of the time their eyes resemble British shorthair cat. They have a stub nose and rounded body the same as British shorthair. Most of the people think that they are the breed of British shorthair because they resembled these cats. They have short legs. You should bath your cats every week so that their coat will remain shiny and it is good for their health. If you are having a long-haired breed you should comb her every day. In this way, they can achieve a healthy coat.

Size of Scottish fold cats:

Overall Scottish fold cat is a medium-sized one cat. The weight of female cats is about 6 to 9 pounds. However, the male ones have 13 pounds maximum. If you take care of them and feed them well they can be more than this weight. Hence you should take care of their exercise as well.

Nature of Scottish fold:

These cats pose odd positions. Sometimes they flat out the floor as frogs or lying at their back. However, these are smart and active ones. They enjoy playing with the toys and their favorite one game is a puzzle. Their favorite activity is to play kids. These are the sweetest ones and can get a friend of anyone if they give them attention. All that they need is love from their parents. Moreover, they are dog friendly.


The breeding of cats leads them to many health issues in them by nature. Their average life is about 15 years. The health issues that these cats are degenerative joint disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

In degenerative joint disease especially occur in the tail but sometimes it also occurs in the ankle and knee joints causing them pain and sickness. Thus if you found that your cat is feeling sick you should get an appointment from the doctor.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a form of heart disease that mostly seems in this breed. However, it cannot judge that from which gene this disease comes in Scottish fold cat.

Care and grooming:

Due to the round ears, these cats also resembles with owls. Sometimes their ears are double folded. However, these kittens are born with straight ears. After three to four weeks old these cats open their round eyes to look at the world with beautiful expressions. Their body is also rounded completes by the long tail which is also round at its tip. The coat of the Scottish fold is dense with a soft texture. So that you have to care of its coat. You should brush it every day and take her bath every week.

These cats love to play with the children. This is the best cat to be gifted to your loved one. They love to get the attention of the people around her. However, you have to take extra care of them. If you ever feel they are getting sick. Do not wait for anything and get an appointment from the veteran doctor. He will check him and tell you the precautions that you should take and give her medicine.