Things People Miss at the End of Lease House Cleaning

end of lease house cleaning

No one can say that moving a house is an easy job. The things become more stressful when you are about to leave a rented property. It is when you are not thinking about relocation any more. The first priority of every tenant at that time is clean the home well. They don’t want any of the corners to look messy because if it catches the eye of the landlord, they will find themselves in big trouble. Everyone wants to get there bond back, and the landlord tries hard to cut some of it. Now if a person tries to clean the property on their own, for sure, they will miss something. It all happened because so much was going on in the head at a time. It is better to hire the end of lease house cleaning experts.

They take proper training to do this job. They know well, which are the areas landlords pay close attention. Now it doesn’t mean they ignore all the other areas. The point is they didn’t forget any important area. They make sure everything went well. Moreover, they double-check everything. Once they finish the work, you can even do the inspection on your own. If you find something that is not perfect, ask the team they will make it right for you without any argument.

But if you are planning to manage the clean on your own, then there are few areas you do not want to miss, no matter what, such as:

Skirting boards or baseboards

At the time, we live in a property, and we make sure that the floor looks clean and shiny. One thing that we neglect is skirting’s, even though they are the part of the house too. A lot of dust and dirt pile up there and the time come when no matter how much you try to clean the floor, it becomes dirty within no time because of dirty skirting. So, while moving out make a list which are the areas you have to clean and never forget to skirt’s on that list. 

Door knobs, handles and switches

Always keep in mind that huge things are not the one that landlord will inspect very closely. It is because they know you will clean them properly and make no mistake there. They will look at the things that are small. Places that are not visible enough, you need to find them in order to inspect them. Here we are talking about door knobs, cabinets handles and switches. Don’t forget to clean them. You use them on a daily basis and sometimes touch them with dirty hands too. For sure you will notice while cleaning them how dirty they are.

Look behind the toilet

A toilet is a place that is filthy. For sure you will buy special products to clean them and gloves to protect your hands. But hold on for a second, do you forget something? Did you clean the back of the toilet? Definitely, it is an area about which you didn’t even think. Clean it properly too, buy a brush to reach out the corners. Also, pay close attention to the shower handles and other small corners.

end of lease house cleaning

Don forget about air vents

It is a place that collects a lot of dust and dirt. While you will clean them, it takes a lot of your time for sure. You may need special tools to clean that area but don’t do hurry, as, in the end, you are doing it to get the bond back without any deduction.

The list will never end, as kitchen accessories, windows, windows blinds and many other things need attention too. Just make sure you don’t forget anything.