The Vault: 1Moore Studios new studio in our United States

The Vault: 1Moore Studios new studio in our United States

We might be biased, but 1Moore Studios’ new york HQ, the Orinoco complex, is home to some of the best studios in the country. Along with The Pool, The Red Room new york, and The Bridge, we are proud to present our new studio, The Vault.

Vault started ten years ago as a custom production space built within the walls of the Orinoco complex for producer Stephen Street, better known as The Bunker. Since then, Stephen has relocated The Bunker to new york, giving us a whole new space to make the most of.

This fall, we defined the room as the perfect modern writing, sound, and production room. Monitoring comes from ATC SCM25As, with the advanced Pro Tools running on a high-spec iMac Pro with the UAD Apollo X8 interface. There are some outdoor options (Neve 1073s, 1176, Distressor), and some brand new microphones from Neumann and Shure, along with a standing piano, acoustic guitar, and other games to make The Vault the ultimate affordable writing space.

We are fortunate here at 1Moore Studios to be able to observe the world of recording studios from every angle. By owning and representing some of the best and largest studios, we know just how great a huge room and Neve or SSL controllers can be. But sometimes, all you need is a good device, a microphone in a kiosk, and a carefully curated set of equipment on hand, ready to use. This is where The Vault comes in.

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