The British Shorthair Kitten-Calm And Indoor Cat

British shorthair kittens

The beautiful name of the British shorthair breed was originally Great Britain. This graceful and attractive, plush like breed appeared for the first time in 1871 at the exhibition at crystal palace. Thus if you are looking for a quiet indoor cat then you should consider a British shorthair. Moreover to this British shorthair kitten love to play with your kids as well. Well, this cat is so adorable breed also this cats know how to become friendly. Well, those people who do not know about them ask about their nature and other things. So that if you want to get them at your place then you should get to know about these things.

  • The character of the British shorthair.
  • Physical characteristics.
  • The coat color of British shorthair.
  • Cat grooming.
  • Food of British short hair.


The character of the British shorthair

This cat breed is one of the friendliest cats and it is very social. Thus if you are having one or more children at your place then these cats will love to play with them. It is an uncompetitive, balanced, and friendly breed of cat. British shorthair is a calm and introverted cat and does not disturb you while working however if you give it attention then the cat will start playing with you.

Thus these British shorthairs are the perfect companion so that if you are living alone then you can easily adopt them. You can offer them some cat toys so that they can play with them for hours.

Physical characteristics

The British short hair has relatively small ears, large round eyes, and well-filled solid cheeks. The nose of the cat is short with curved and open nostrils, specificities of the British shorthair breed. To talk more about this it is a large muscular cat. Its tail is short and thick moreover to this the top of the tail is slightly round.

Color of the British shorthair cat

Whatever the color of the coat of the cat still this cat looks beautiful. There is a vast color palette of the coat in the breed. Well, the breed is mainly in blue color however nowadays there are many different colors and patterns. Well, the famous color of cats in this category is in blue, lilac and silver tabby.

Double color coat

It is estimated that the British shorthair is considered as two colors if it has 30% of the white color in the coat. This cat is considered as harlequin if it exceeds 50% white. Well if the color of the white exceeds about 80% the cat is considered as Van.

Single color coat

The single color coat of this breed is may be black, blue chocolate, or lilac. Not only this, but some cats also have red, cream, and cinnamon as well.

Cat grooming

The British Shorthair has a short and dense coat that requires a little care. Weekly brushing is a necessary thing. However, the cat ten to molt during seasonal changes. Thus it is necessary to maintain the hairs of the cat during the time of molting.

Food of British short hair

There is no shortage of appetite for the British shorthair breed. To avoid being overweight you should take care of and monitor the food of the British shorthair cat. Make sure that the food is full of protein and has less fat. Nutrient and vitamins adapted to the weight and the age of the British short hair. Thus you should make sure that you give them healthy food.

Thus if you want to get them then you should take care of their food especially. Well, you can get these cats from pet shops easily. However, if you did not get any shop near you then you can buy these cats online from pure love cattery.