By Considering Shop Roller Shutters – Mistakes To Avoid

shop roller shutters

The shop roller shutters play a very important role in your shop security. The shutters are made of many materials, but the one that stands out among all is the aluminium one. They are very strong and durable. The roller shutters are very important to install in your shop if it is an area where robberies happen every day. As breakthrough shutters are no easy. Also, it makes a sound that pulls someone attention if someone tries to break in.

There are shops that have glass shopfronts. They are not weak but the problem with them is that it is seeing what is inside the shop. Like if you own a jewellery shop. In your presence, no one will try to do something wrong. But it tempts the robbers and they wait for you to make any type of mistake. In the absence like in night when no one is around and everything is visible, someone will try to break in. But having a roller shutters end these chances.

As they block the view of your shop. There are some who want that even in night people able to recognize their shop. For that, you can custom design your roller shutter. Ask an expert to create a sign of your shop on roller shutter, so even when the shutter is down, it is easy to see the shop name. As it is on eye level.

Some shopkeepers complain that roller shutters need maintenance after some time. There is no issue in but the issue is in the way you use them. The mistakes you should avoid while using shutters are:

Don’t slam the shutters

It is seen that workers slam the shutters while opening or closing them. It is not recommended to use in that manner. As it affects the life of the shop roller shutters and they stay in shape for a shorter period. Don’t lift it in the way that it goes up in an uncontrolled manner. Keep control on it and leave once it reaches a specific height. Also, at the time of lowering it down don’t slam it. Keep it in your control. By only taking care of this you will notice a change. As your shutters will not get wrecked any time soon.

Don’t shut or raise them again and again

Whether you have manual shutter or the ones you able to control with remote, don’t open them or close them repeatedly. By doing this mainly the one that is electric get effected. As its motor start to heat up which cause a problem later.

It doesn’t mean that only close them once a day at open them at a time only. The meaning is that avoid opening shutter many times in a short period.

Make sure the locks of shutters are unlocked properly

It is a common mistake that people do. At the time of opening, they forget to unlock it try to lift the shutter. It damages the shutter lock and can harm you as well. so, be attentive at the time of lifting roller shutter.

Don’t try to repair the roller shutter by yourself

If you have the knowledge and know what is the exact problem is, then go on and repair the damage, but if you don’t have an idea about the damage, then better avoid experimenting. As there is a high chance problem will increase and the repairing cost.

Don’t do measurement by yourself while buying a shutter

At the time of buying, people do measurements so they can tell what size shutter is perfect for their shop. Don’t do this, as you may take wrong measurements. Mostly at a time when you don’t know how exactly shutters work.