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Removal companies in Birmingham

We see so many people afraid of moving. We meet them daily. Some of them are even our loved ones. We see them panicking whenever someone asks them about how their moving plan is going.

You can’t blame them.

We know how terrible a moving process can be for them. That’s why we have stepped in to make the moving day one of the best days for them.

We pride ourselves in being one of the best removal companies in Birmingham.

Moving day Myth…

Moving day is terrible.

We have been hearing it for so long that it has become like a culture.

We’ve heard it from our parents, our friends, our colleagues & many of us may even have experienced it personally.

Even in TV shows like Seinfeld, they have shown us how bad a moving day can be—(even when it’s fictional).

But we assure you it doesn’t need to be that way.

Removal Rugby has been making the housing removals a really comfortable & affordable experience for its customers.

Many of our customers told us after that they weren’t sure of how the process will go but now that they have experienced it, they are sure the bad moving day stories were just a myth…

They call us the best removal company in Birmingham now. Their word of mouth is our pride.

We are proud of what we do. We are proud of our men making your life easier even if it’s just for a day.

Don’t do it the wrong way

There’s a mistake most of the people out there make.

They either are too afraid of the moving that they don’t plan it at all.


They are either too confident of themselves that they don’t plan it & end up doing it the wrong way.

You don’t have to be like either of them.

You have responsibilities.

Your family needs your time. Your work needs your time. Use your abilities & strengths to focus on what’s really important for you. Don’t use them on things that will drain you out of your energy without any result.

Your business meets our business…

You have lived long enough in your old home that your kids are grownups & you want to move to a bigger place now.

Or you were living with your parents & now you want your own apartment or house?

Maybe, you just need to rent out a new house.

Or maybe you’re a business person who owns an office but now that your nosiness is growing or you want it to grow rapidly, so you’ve decided to step up & move to a new larger office space.

Or you can have any other personal reason for moving your house or office.

That’s your business.

Our business is to make the moving process go smoothly & comfortable.

The first question that will arise in your mind will be,

“How am I going to pack, label, lift, drive & move all this stuff to m new place without affecting my time & disturbing my family or colleagues?”

That’s where we step in,

The best removal company in Birmingham to help you move with comfort.

Your responsibilities & our responsibilities…

There will be some of your responsibilities before you hire us,

Just to plan the moving day & reach us.

That’s it.

That’s all you had to do.

However, there will be some small tasks that will be due on you to hire is,

Reaching us on our site.

Get a professional quote,

Giving us the basic details like, where do you want to move, pickup & drop location, size of your stuff, packing materials (we provide the materials FREE if you need), time of arrival, moving day.

Packing the stuff—(if you want to or have enough time & strength) otherwise you let us know & our team will come to help you in packing.

Labeling the boxes.

Be ready on time. (Ask some friend or family to take care of the kids if it suits you. That’ll make the moving day easier for you without disturbing the kids)

Meet our team & show them the way in.

That’s it.

Easy, isn’t it? Moving wasn’t that hard with our help right? That’s what makes us the best removal company in Birmingham.

Now comes our responsibilities.

Our team, once it reaches your house. It’ll provide you with the FREE materials—(provided you asked for it). They’ll help you in packing any remaining stuff. Our state of the art vans have ropes, blankets & modified floors to make our stuff as safe as possible. Our team will lift the boxes, place them in the van & once our driver takes you to your new home, our team will place the boxes inside & Voila! All is done.

As close to perfect as possible.

It will be “Comfortable & Affordable” with us.

Being the best house removal company in Birmingham, we take pride in two words; Comfort ability & Affordability.

Where our professionals offer you comfort & peace.

We also offer out the prices which you won’t find anywhere else.

We know a moving process can be expensive. Therefore we have introduced cost-efficient means to make the moving as affordable & modest as possible.

You won’t regret hiring us. We assure you.