Pros and Cons Of Best Eyelash Extension Glue

Best Eyelash Extension Glue

If you are a makeup artist you would know very well, the importance of best eyelash extension glue it is the primary item for the eyelash extension services that you provide. Not every glue can be applied to every customer due to different skin types. To find an eyelash extension glue that suits all skin types, bonds and stays for  long times buy them at

If you are the opposite of a makeup artist. I mean if you are looking into getting eyelash extensions. You are in the right place. Here are the good, bad and straight-up ugly truth about eyelash extensions. When you browse the internet, the before and after pictures of people who just got their eyelashes extended are pretty convincing. If you’re as easily influenced as I am, then you’ll know that seeing those pictures is enough to make you want to call your local beauty salon and book an appointment. Extended, dark lashes every day. Without putting on a tremendous amount of mascara? Where do I sign up right? It is quite tempting. Before you dial your saloon’s number, we suggest you read these. so you would know if it is for you or not but first

What are eyelash extensions?

Note carefully that eyelash extension is not as same as applying false eyelashes. Applying falsies gives us a very temporary effect that lasts only one day. While getting an eyelash extension means a commitment for 12 weeks it presents a  semi-permanent result. An individual piece of eyelash is glued on to your natural lashes these lashes once attached would grow  with your lashes and fall off when your  natural ones do .getting eyelash extension is not a cheap process but it does not mean you cannot suggest you, beautician, to use  a good quality but cheap glue so this process can  be  a bit less expensive for you. Order cheap eyelash extension glue from Enough of the nitty gritty, and onto the juicy parts:

Eyelash Extension Glue


One of the pros of getting an eyelash extension is it makes your everyday life more comfortable. You get those full dramatic false eyelash look without that artificial look and the visible band . can you imagine just waking up like a pretty beautiful goddess who could blink her problems away. Well on a serious note longer lashes do make you flutter around . you can even skip the mascara and not look like you haven’t slept or that you are in a grumpy mood. Eyelash extensions are pretty much your natural lashes on steroids. So if you think about it this way, you are getting a massive deal with pretty  lashes  that would save you all the makeup efforts you do to make your eyes appear larger . an eyelash extension  can last you 12 weeks .but the actual  and the best results are visible after  2 -3 weeks  of  growing efforts done by your real lashes with the help of eyelash serums and vitamins

The Bad:

If anything has a pro and it doesn’t have any cons id say you would be lying . with every good comes two bad this is how our world works.

Eyelash extension and low maintenance don’t go together. If you are getting eyelash extensions, you need to know that they are not low maintenance. These lashes require very much care, and they ARE a big responsibility. You have to go and have them filled every 2-4 weeks. The extensions fall out with your natural lashes, which fall out throughout a lash cycle which mean you won’t look as good every day as you looked on the first they of your extended eyelashes

here are a few points to keep in mind if you are considering eyelash extension or if you are  beautician you should really visit and buy  a good quality eyelash extension glue that will suit the skin of all your customers