Professional Custom T-Shirt Printing In UK

custom t-shirt printing in UK

Various companies are providing the services of custom t-shirt printing in UK. T-shirt printing is widespread nowadays. People like to print the shirts with different designs to give an impressive look to their dressing. The printing companies use various techniques to print the t-shirts for their customers. We can get their services by hiring them online from their websites.

The t-shirt with jeans is the most common dressing in the UK. However, it is a comfortable dressing that everyone loves to wear in regular life. Some people like simple t-shirts, however, the majority of the people like to wear printed t-shirts. We can print the shirt from the printing companies that provide custom t-shirt printing services.

Moreover, anyone can print his/her picture on the t-shirt. There are both new & old technologies that companies use to print the shirts however both are useful for their business. The question is which method is better for printing a shirt in a personal view and a business view.

Methods of Custom T-Shirt Printing In UK:

  1. Screen Printing (old method)
  2. DTG printing (new method)

These are the two main methods of t-shirt printing, and we can use both for printing our shirts with different designs. However, we can explain both in detail:

Screen Printing:

Screen printing is the old method of printing the t-shirts. In this method, we can print a large number of t-shirts that are very good for a business body. However, it can be expensive for the individuals who want to print their shirts in the house. Because it takes more expenses than DTG printing.

The prominent business institutes use Screen printing for the custom T-shirt printing in UK. The quality of printing in screen printing is excellent that go for very long. We can print any designs and colours on the t-shirts through this method.

However, printing the multi-coloured design or picture through screen printing takes a little long time that is not a good thing at all. Besides that, it has many good qualities due to which screen printing is being used for many years.

The printing companies need to print a large number of shirts at a time. So screen printing is the best option for their printing requirements because we can print more than a hundred t-shirts at a time with screen printing.

DTG printing:

DTG means “Direct to Garment”. The DTG printing is a new technique that can print any picture or design on the t-shirts. Using this method, we can print only a few shirts at a time that is useful for individuals at homes but not in the business. The quality of the printing with DTG printing is also excellent. This is a less expensive printing method that anyone can use in the house.

The printing machine can also be quickly moved from a place to another place and takes a very small space. Some of the small-scale printing companies use DTG printing method for the custom t-shirt printing in UK. Moreover, this is less expensive than screen printing due to less capacity for printing the shirts.

There is no unique comparison of both printing techniques because both have different qualities. However, if you want to start a business of t-shirt printing at a large scale, you can choose Screenprinting. Whereas, if you’re going to carry a small scale business of printing t-shirts, DTG printing is the best choice for you.

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