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Outside Catering Enfield – Questions You Must Ask

Food and life are such a beautiful combination. So, if you through parties and organize events on a regular basis then you must have an idea about catering services. Some people plan those events inside and some outside. There are companies who are specialized in both. Outside catering Enfield is liked by most. But at the time of hiring a catering company, better are some questions. So, later you can avoid problems.

Do the company is giving services on event date?

Move all the questions a bit down on the list as it is the first question you must ask for obvious reason. Because there is no point of getting other details and wasting your time when the company is not free on a specific date you need their assistance.

Will they provide you menus sample along with the price?

Once you find out that the company is free on a specific date, then move forward. Ask, about their menus. It is not easy to memorize such a large menu on call along with the price. So, ask them to send you samples. As there are organizations who provide free samples to their clients. Once you receive menu and price, you can see is it match your demand or not. Or the prices they are offering fall in your budget or not.

Will they know about the venue, you are organizing event at?

This question holds so much importance on its own. If the caterers in the past serve someone else in the same venue then it is good for you. As you told them you want them to set everything outside, they will not get surprised. As they have a better idea of space and they didn’t find it tough to organize their set up there.

Ask about reviews and recommendation

There are times when you hire a caterer company that is recommended to you by someone close. So, you don’t have to consider this question. But in case you are searching for a company from scratch, this question matters. Ask them from where you able to get to know they are best. Is the company ready to provide your contact number of their previous clients? If you get a positive response to this question, take your inquiry further.

What varieties they have?

When you set an event, you have to consider individual guest. There are some who are vegan but some like non-veg food. Some are on a strict diet and need low-calorie food. Some enjoy only salads. So, it is necessary if a company able to present all these and you don’t have to contact other company for any type. In between also check whether the company use fresh ingredients or not. As you don’t want later after your event someone falls ill cause of low-quality food.

Will they provide furniture in need?

At the time of organizing big event many times your guess goes wrong and you unable to provide accommodation to all. In this situation, you don’t have time to contact some other company for tables and chairs. But some catering companies provide this facility too. So, you can ask them to bring some for backup.

Will the waiters have a proper uniform or not?

This thing doesn’t matter much when you organize a party for your friends. But if you are organizing a corporate event, then it is the most important point. As different business personalities will join you there and for them professionalism is everything. The waiters serving food in proper uniform impact dealers very positively.

What is the policy for payment?

At the time of booking, you pay an amount that is called a deposit. Most of the time this payment is non-refundable. So, ask the company how much you will have to pay? Is there any hidden cost in service? and similar questions.