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Cladding Cleaning

Prevention is better than cure!

Cladding is the term used to describe materials that are fixed to the primary structure of a building. So cladding can suffer from the growth of moss, lichens, and algae that look unpleasant and damage over time. Rain, Pollutants, and Wind can cause serious damages to the building. Snow, storms and ice can also cause contribute in the damage that can go unnoticed. For all these causes, Cladding Cleaning is the best option that is cost friendly and give you long term solution to your surface. Cladding have other uses too, it can create an internal environment which is completely controlled, offering protection from the extreme weather conditions. Whatever the surface of your building, whether it be glass, metal, stone, or wood, cladding cleaning can provide you the best services. They will also remove organic dirt, and leave a layer of Silicone. This is a protection layer.

Cladding can be used for!

1: Cladding also helps to regulate temperatures inside the building which will save owner’s money on their energy bills, in this case the process of restoration is most important otherwise the internall temperature may not be controlled.

2: It can prevent the transmission of too much sound. If you have cladding installed in your home, the exterior loud will not effect your activities.

3: It gives an extra layer on the top of the building for security purpose.

Cleaning Method

It has been in use for many decades and the technology used to create the products has continuously improved, for better results and greater durability. So now-a-days most of the buildings are being constructed using PVC, or Polyvinyl chloride cladding. The methods we use depend on the type of cladding being cleaned. A method that can be use is Water fed poles. This method ensures the effective cleaning of high level cladding in a hassle-free manner. The most commonly used method for cleaning PVC is Purified water, which is a effective medium for cleaning, as it completely dissolves grime and dirt from cladding surfaces. Moreover the use of de-ionised water is also an effective and enviornmentally friendly method.

Clean as a Whistle

Cladding cleaning is the best way to restore a building’s exterior, no matter which type of cladding your building is covered in. It includes: Glass, Metal, Wood or Stone. A building can be re-sprayed and it will give a good look to your exterior but it is not long-lasting and also an expensive method, so instead of using this method, you can use cladding cleaning which is not so expensive and will definetly give you better results. It will cost approximately one third of the cost of the re-spraying. In the case of Metal cladding, it is vulnerable to dirt and decay. There’s variety of metal cladding, i.e powder coated, stainless steel, and anodised aluminium, make sure which type of cladding you have on your building.

In this case our company ‘Clean as a Whistle‘ gives a ultimate peace of mind by solving your problem. A company that provides you Non-abrasive, and enivornmentally friendly products. If a building is in need of restoration. We use products in a test area, and find a product/polish that works best on it. Then clean the building with mild detergent to remove dirt from it. This removes the staining and gives you a protective silicon layer to avoid pollution.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Stop the growth of moss, algae and other airborn pollutants before it is too late. If your building looks unpresentable it automatically sends a negative signal to the potential customers, which can effect your business as well. Clean your building in timely manner, helps in protecting your investment.

Clean as a Whistle not only provides physical appearance to your building but also increases your building’s lifespan. By using specialist cleaning techniques we aim to restore your building in it’s original condition. With over 30 years in the cleaning industry and with the large portfolio of our successfully completed projects, we ensure you the best services and products that are suitable for your need. So we work efficiently and produce excellent results within a relatively short time, providing better services. Clean as a Whistle is specialised in resorting and cleaning all types of metal cladding cleaning services throughout the U.K. Stay in touch with our comapny and get better services !