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New Student Driver Tips in Edmonton

What are the traffic tickets in Edmonton, the capital city of the Canadian city of Alberta? What type of traffic tickets are issued? What should you not do when you are given a traffic ticket?

The traffic ticket is handed over by the police officer to the driver of the vehicle for the traffic offense on duty. Traffic tickets are issued under various legal laws. You may be issued a traffic ticket for a traffic offense under the Motor Vehicles Act, Highway Traffic Act or the local Edmonton City Roads Act.

Traffic ticket is one of the following four types.

Traffic tags: Road use rules of the City of Edmonton are subject to traffic tags under local law. The city has the right to formulate and enforce rules for its traffic control and parking. These traffic tags are often issued for parking offenses or for parking your vehicle on the road, which impedes smooth flow of traffic.

Explanation of traffic ticket, compensation to be paid: This type of traffic ticket obliges you to pay the penalty given in the ticket, within the period specified for the traffic offense mentioned in the ticket. You do not have to appear in the area court to pay this fine. But if you do not pay the fine by the due date, you will have to appear in court on the given date. If you want to discuss a traffic ticket in court, you should appear in the area court and pray for a trial date.

Multi-Nova Speaking Ticket: This is a notification sent by post or courier to your registered address. There is a legal notice to inform you that your vehicle is mentioned at a particular place on a particular road with a date, date and time while someone in your vehicle is your vehicle. Tej as the registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying a specific financial penalty at the specified time, even if someone else is driving your vehicle. If you fail to pay the monetary penalty by the due date, the traffic police officer can serve you in relation to the traffic summons, so that you need to appear in regional court to answer the charge.

Traffic tickets for summons: Traffic summons are issued for traffic violations. For example, it can be a serious traffic offense: careless driving, recklessly turning on the road, driving without a valid driving license, driving without a valid insurance policy, speeding up, stopping unsuccessful stop sign or red light, hit end Run accidents, personal injury to another person on the road, property damage, speed, etc.

You have to appear in the court of the area. If you do not want to claim. Nevertheless, you must appear in the regional court on the date and time indicated by the traffic ticket, and pray for a trial date. If it is proved that a traffic offense has been committed, the court can impose a fine of up to 1,000 or 6 months from Canada and the Honorable Judge will suspend your driving license in case of any traffic violation. Can also decide which is serious. Fines are levied for the above less serious traffic offenses and demerit points are added to the driving license.

You should not do this: If a police officer hands you an on-duty traffic ticket, you should not:

Discuss with the concerned police officer why you are being issued a traffic ticket.

Enrage the police officer about his provocative behavior, misbehavior and misbehavior.

What you are allowed to do: When you start getting traffic tickets, you get an exemption from:

Make detailed notes on the spot in your personal diary as soon as possible. After your ticket was issued, what did the police officer tell you about issuing the traffic ticket?

Write honestly and fairly about what exactly happened. (If you want to dispute the ticket issued through the legal process, it will help you legally a lot).

Shaista asks for contact information (full name, address, mobile number and email address) from the person who may be a witness at this particular time of the incident.

The location of the traffic signal or the correct crossing point where the incident occurred.

Other vehicles in relation to your vehicle and their condition.

Weather conditions at this particular time.

Road weather (be it slippery or potholes in the road) at this particular time

If you decide to fight against a traffic ticket, there are other details that you think may be in your favor.

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