New Car Paint Protection – a Small Guide for Everyone

New car paint protection

You have found a perfect car for yourself, take it for a test drive, now you are discussing everything about it. What color car you want and even about the new car paint protection. The treatment will be given by the car manufacturer only given when you buy the car. There is nothing changed in the car. The protection is a kind of spray that is added to the pain just before you take the car to your home. It is something to help the car paint to stay protected from damages like spathes, bird droppings and tree snaps.

It is important not to skip this process because paint job is an expensive thing. Once it gets ruin, don’t think after spending very little you able to get it to fix. You have to set aside a good amount in order to fix the damage. It may disturb of the regular budget of many.

What actually protect the paint scheme?

The paint protection schemes are of many types. Some are available at a low price, and for some, you need to pay a lot, as they are better. The most common and famous one is spray-on. Very strong chemicals used in the formula that can damage the human skin. So, while spraying it on the vehicle professional wear safety gear.

Most commonly used chemical in the spray are polymer paint sealants. It is a protective layer that works for a short time. So, if you want the protection for a long time, like over a year, then better you get several layers of it on the paint. It is better if you reapply it once you get a car wash or get polishing service. Because obviously when you drive the vehicle on a regular basis, it gets dirty and no one prefers to drive such a car.

What is the way of applying paint protection spray?

It is the most common question that comes in many people mind. the simple answer to it is that the workers apply it directly to the car paint. On the paint at that time, there is no wax, polish or other substances are added. It is important as it allows the paint protection layer to bond with the paint well. Once the spraying is don’t, after then the car is exterior is waxed and shined, later it delivered to you.

Can you apply the protective layer on your own?

Yes, you can do that, but it is not safe. As mentioned above, very strong chemicals are used in the formula. A little mishandling can cause damage to your health or damage your car. Let’s learn the reasons in detail:

  • If you are not wearing proper gears and applying the protection layer, as mentioned above, you can seriously damage your health.
  • To do the job, it is essential to strip all the parts of the cars. If something left behind, the process would not end successfully. So, taking a risk is not right at any cost.
  • The professional first clean the paint well to make sure the adhesion. Those who don’t have any experience can make a mistake easily.
  • While working if you left the scratches or marks left behind, then there is no way to fix them later. It means all the effort, time and money go in waste.
Is the process worth it?

Now you know everything about the service, the question may come in many minds, whether it is worth it or not. Obviously, it is good for your vehicle. Moreover, if you want your car to look new and shiny for a long time, then there is no need to think twice. But the price may differ dealer to dealer. So, find the right one for you. The one that serves you well and within a budget, you are willing to spend.