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Learn Quran Online Through The Live Classes

learn quran online
learn quran online

Learn Quran Online with Pak Quran Academy

It is quite challenging but rewarding to learn Quran online. You can learn a lot about the Quran through online courses. Whatever course you want to learn, you have the options for it. For many Muslims who could not learn the Quran at a younger age, online education is a respected way to learn. Online Quran centers offer a variety of courses and flexible schedules for students. They offer flexibility to suit the schedule of almost every student. Muslims, especially in the Western and non-Muslim countries, are increasingly turning to online learning. It is the best alternative to madrassa learning. Online classes allow students to study Quran courses remotely. It is due to the advancement in technology that helps students can learn the Quran entirely online.

There are different types of online learning. Students can learn with the help of videos, apps and live classes. When you learn online, self-motivation is a very important thing. Without motivation, success in learning is not possible.

Resources For Online Learning

There are different resources for learning. There are different online institutions that teach the Quran online. Many institutions teach via Skype but some academies use the other software applications. Online classes are suitable for every student because no one needs to travel to attend classes. The students can learn the Quran via

  • Websites
  • Recorded lectures
  • Videos (CDs, DVDs)
  • Social media
  • Live classes


The websites contain learning materials. They contain guidance in the form of information. The students can learn from websites. There are different lessons on the Quran learning websites. The main advantage of using this resource is that it is completely free of cost to learn. You can save the learning material for later on offline learning. And You do not have to pay fees. You only must have an internet connection. Open the website and learn from there. It is easy and convenient to consult websites and learn.

Recorded Lectures

Some online classes offer recorded lectures. Students can listen to lectures and learn. These recorded lessons are also available on websites. This is a cost-effective way to learn.  The fee for these classes is not much high. Students can absorb information and learn the Quran. This is also an alternative to attending local Quran classes.

Live Quran Classes

The greatest change in online education is the live classes. These classes are the replication of face-to-face classes.  Live tutors take these classes in the same way madrassa tutors offer. These classes are the best sources for acquiring Quran education. The tutors offer one-to-one classes and every student gets the full attention of the teacher. Online Quran academies offer these classes to worldwide students. There are no recorded lectures in these classes. The teacher is present online who teacher one student individually. The online Quran academies also offer free trial classes. To check how the classes work, you should take these trial lessons.

How Do Live Classes Work?

Some people are not familiar with live classes. They think that they will learn online with recorded lectures or the tutors will send them the learning material through email. We would like to explain that online live classes are just like traditional classes. The teachers connect with the students through an online platform. The most common platform is Skype. Teachers and students interact with each other easily.  Presently, most students are choosing live classes and moving away from other unreliable methods of Quran learning. The teachers share screens with the students and they learn in the same way as students learn in their traditional classrooms. The best thing is that students do not learn in a group class. They learn individually with their teachers. The institutions that provide these classes also offer the most favorable online learning environment.

Students can access the classes from their PC, Smartphone or tablet. The classes are extremely popular. The online teachers and institutions offer flexible classes according to the schedules of students.

Variety of Courses and Flexibility of Timing

The students can choose any course they want to learn. The courses that students can choose include

  • Qaida course
  • Tajweed
  • Translation
  • Tafseer

Many other types of Islamic courses are also available online. The students can also choose the time of their course. The students can study their courses at any time they want.  This allows them to fit their Quran classes around their work, studies, and other family commitments. If you are planning to learn Quran online, you should choose live classes.

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