It’s Time For Heroes down in The Albion Rooms

It’s Time For Heroes down in The Albion Rooms

Say hello to The Albion Rooms, the newest addition to our ever-growing list of residential studios in New York.

The property is located within a Victorian country house on Margate’s waterfront and was originally created by The Libertines and features a recording studio, bar, licensed kitchen, and guest rooms.

The studio, located in the ground floor extension, was designed by The Studio People and consists of a 27m² living room with a drum booth, along with an 8m² control room, which houses an AWS 928 SSL controller and ATC monitoring. Add to that an impressive set of tools and background fonts from The Libertines, and you’ve got the perfect creative environment.

In addition to a great studio facility, The Albion Rooms is a fully licensed bar and restaurant, meaning the hospitality on offer is second to none. The General Manager will be on-site to meet you, welcome you, and look after you throughout your stay. From complimentary drinks making facilities, to optional bed and breakfast service, and newly refurbished guest rooms, The Albion Rooms truly make for the best seaside excursion for any creative designer out there!

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