How To Find The Perfect Pet Cat? – Blue British Shorthair

Blue British Shorthair

Cat keeping is one of the most favorite hobbies of people. People are fond of keeping unique cat breeds and making a few cat breeds popular than others. Be it sphynx or blue British shorthair, all the cat breeds have distinctive physical features and personality traits. Cat keeping offers many benefits to the cat owners. It is good for the cardiac as well as mental health of the owners. Besides this, cat keeping prevents allergies and keeps the house pest-free.

Cats as great pets

Cats are great pets for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are:

1- Cats are low maintenance and require fewer resources. Moreover, the carbon footprint of cats is generally lower than other similar pets.

2- Cats are usually independent and can live on their own as far as their feeding and other requirements are fulfilled. They can adapt to the environment and keep themselves entertained.

3- Cats are natural insect killers as well they can keep the pest away by hunting the rodents. They can make your house free of bugs and flies etc.

4- The lifespan of cats is longer than other pet animals and you don’t have to part with your favorite pet often.

How to choose the right pet cat? 

Common pet cat problems: Choosing a pet cat is a quite difficult decision. One has to keep several things in mind while choosing a cat. Some of the important considerations for selecting pet cats are:

1- Age of the cat

First thing to consider while choosing a pet cat is the age of cats. Whether you are getting an adult or a kitten, make sure that the animal can go well with your current routine and lifestyle. A kitten usually requires more care and training thus, you need to spend more time. Further, having a kitten requires extra care as young kittens are always exploring the surroundings.

2- Home environment

Next thing that is important for cat keeping is the overall environment of your house. Consider your family and its schedule before buying a cat and see if you are able to manage with a cat. Moreover, look if you have children at your home and what are their expectations of the pet animal. Considering your home environment can help you find out the best pet for yourself.

3- Preferences

Your own expectations from the animal can play a significant role in deciding that what you want is an animal. Are you looking for a cuddly cat who is calm and quiet or an active animal that can keep you running all day long? Are you ready for a cat who sleeps in bed with you or has long hair that requires daily brushing? Getting clear about your expectations can save you from future disappointment.

4- Previous pets at home

The selection of pet cat becomes even more difficult if you already have pets at home. The other pets of the same or different species can have different temperaments that can cause trouble in the future. Therefore, before selecting a pet cat, consider the personalities of pets already at home.

5- Health background of the cat

Before bringing a cat home, make sure to inquire about the health conditions. You can get the details about any of their health problems from the seller. Knowing this is important to understand any specific needs of the cats. Further, it can help you to take precautionary measures to prevent your children and other pets from any potential health problems.

6- Spend time

After considering all the parameters mentioned above, make sure that the cat temperament is according to yours. To know more about the animal, spend time with them to get to know about them.


All the above-mentioned factors can help you find the perfect feline companion for yourself. You can contact a cat breeding facility to get your favorite cat breeds to form blue British shorthair to Maine coon. However, if you are looking for the best cats choose from Pure Love Cattery. Go to the site.