How Much Does The British Shorthair Kittens Cost?

British shorthair kittens

The British shorthair kittens are the native British cat breed. These cats are the easiest going ones as well as friendly and intelligent. There are mainly two types of British cats which are the Shorthair and the Longhair. They look too much adorable that any person can fall in love with them also they are very popular all over the world. Well to talk about the cost of the British shorthair the average price of these cats is 800$ approx. below is some detailed information about the British shorthair price and their characteristics.

British shorthair price range

The price of the British shorthair kitten depends on many factors.

  • Breeder’s reputation
  • Pedigree
  • Age and color

Moreover to this, the demand and supply for the breed can also affect the price. There are many people that are surfing the internet just to get the sellers that are offering British shorthair at affordable prices. So that if you are one from them then you must consider pure love cattery as they provide the best cats at reasonable prices. However, if you buy a kitten from any local person that is offering you the cat for only 200$ to 300$ then you should get careful in such a case. As there might be a chance that the kittens are often unregistered or maybe they are not healthy. Hence it is always recommended that you buy a pet from pet shops. Pure love cattery is a pet shop that are selling a wide range of kittens especially British shorthair kittens.

Origin of the British shorthair kittens

There are many cartoon characters that you must know are the British shorthair cats.

  • Puss in boots.
  • Cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland.

The British shorthair kitten is indigenous to Great Britain. During the era of Queen Victoria, cat lovers started breeding this cat according to their own standards to keep its genealogy. In the old cat shows there was only pedigreed British shorthair cat breed.

After the Second World War, this cat breed gets to the verge of extinction. Thus after the war, the few cats were cross breed with some other cat breeds revived the breed in Britain.

Characteristics of the British shorthair


The British shorthair kitten is quite large with a weight of 10 to 20 pounds. With their short and dense coat, large rounded head as well as rounded eyes. Thus the British shorthair kittens look more like a teddy bear curling up. The body of the British shorthair is fit but strong with a large chest, strong legs with flat and stable toes, and a thick tail with a rounded tip. Moreover, these cats also come in a variety of colors: lilac, chocolate, black, white, colorpoint, tabby, and many others. Well, the most common color of this breed is gray. Furthermore to this, the coat of these cats does not require much maintenance. Thus brushing the coat weekly can help you get rid of fallen hairs. view more


These cats are very easy going ones by nature. Thus there are many families that love to adopt this breed as they get attach to the kids and love to play with them. Moreover, these cats are also friendly with dogs. They love to wander around you all day even when you stay still.

These cats are active as well as very intelligent. They can easily learn things and love to play with toys. Thus you should get a lot of toys for them.

Well, these cats can easily gain wait so you should take care of their diet as well. Make sure that you feed them healthy food. You can consult with the vet or you can ask the cat breeder about their diet. They will guide you with all the things better.