How may I find the Best Cheap Hajj Packages in the USA?

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Finding cheap hajj packages can be a laborious task. The first step is collecting information from different travel agencies which you can follow by analyzing the costs and facilities and then, accordingly making comparisons among various packages. We will discuss some of the elements that need to keep in mind while searching for a hajj package in the USA.

The literal meaning of hajj is to “set for a place”. Hajj is a pilgrimage made to the Holy Kabbah (House of ALLAH) and is performed by Muslims once in a year in the month of Dhu al-Hijjah. Every year the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia receives more than two million applications by Muslims and non-Muslims – particularly to witness the exquisiteness of the holy shrine.

Hajj package can be defined as prearranged services while performing Hajj. There is a multitude of factors that need to consider once your application is accepted; one of the most crucial factors in choosing the right Hajj package which covers all the cost – travel, meal, and accommodation.  Hajj packages are classified into different categories according to the cost and facilities offered.

Things to keep in mind while searching hajj packages

Travel Agent

There are numerous travel agencies offering hajj and umrah packages; this is corroborated with increasing competition among these agencies thus, adding to the endeavors faced in the package selection process. What we need to consider is to select an authentic travel agent who has the license of that country. A registered travel agent is aware of the rules and regulations. And can contact the Ministry of Hajj in case any issue arises.

Traveling cost

If you are living far from your destination, the additional traveling costs also include and arranging for transport can cause great hassle. It is optimal to look for a Hajj package that accommodates your transportation to your location within the cost of the package.


Cost is the most important factor to consider while choosing Hajj packages. The most cost-effective package is one that offers quality services in the most affordable amount. Cost for Hajj packages for residents of the USA starts from around $4000 and goes up to $9000.  An ideal hajj package costs around $7000.


Hajj packages offer different types of accommodation according to the amount of package, which ranges from three-star hotels to five-star hotels. Another aspect of accommodation is the distance from your place to the Kaabah. Residential leasing is also a common practice for the purpose of Hajj; few people prefer to obtain homes on lease for their period of stay rather than staying in hotels.

Number Of days

As Hajj is only performed once in a lifetime so a maximum number of days that one can spend in the most sacred place can be a crucial factor for choosing a package. An ideal package is the one that allows you to stay for the maximum number of days.


As for performing hajj, the pilgrims must be healthy, no compromise can be made on the quality of food.  Consider the package that gives you a quality meal at the most affordable price. Some packages are meal exclusive you have to arrange meals yourself. Healthy food is necessary for good health. So you need someone who can provide you healthy food during your hajj tour too.

Cheap Hajj Packages 

You must choose the package that is best tailored to our requirements, is hassle-free and gives you value for money services. In the view of COVID-19, there are greater restrictions by the government of Saudi Arabia in the current year. You need to keep in mind while choosing a hajj package. In order to attract customers, Dar Al-Islam is offering free gifts with hajj packages