Find The Perfect Gold Rings For Your Loved Ones!

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For hundreds of years giving gold rings is considered to be an act of showing love to the ones you respect the most. Giving these rings to one another is very significant among many cultures around the world. These rings are often depicted in various films, television and literature to show a range of emotions and relationships. For instance, a marriage between two individuals cannot be complete unless they exchange gold rings. These customs among people have made these small things so valuable. So much so that these can even cost a fortune when looking to by one.

The significance of a Gold ring:

There are many occasions in one’s life when they opt to buy a gold ring for their loved ones in order to show love and compassion. But the question is “What does a gold ring symbolize?” For starters a gold ring symbolizes the following things:

  • Love
  • Eternity
  • Friendship
  • Power
  • Status and Wealth
  • Depicting membership


As we have discussed before giving a gold ring for most of the people depicts love and commitment to fidelity between two people. It is a very common practice among many cultures throughout the world to give gold or silver rings at the time of engagement. These rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.


Some people also take rings as a symbol of eternity. They consider rings as circles with no beginning or end. Which ultimately means eternity for them. Many modern as well as ancient cultures associated rings with the idea of wholeness and everlasting life and love. The mighty Egyptians had the belief. In today’s world eternity rings often give at the time of anniversary or birth of a child.


Not necessarily during a wedding, rings also use to symbolize a close and platonic relationship between two friends as well. There is a special type of rings known as the friendship rings which usually exchange between friends. These rings are traditionally worn on the little finger and the best ones are usually sold in Paris.


Power and corruptibility is another thing that a ring can represent. This is a common interpretation of the golden One Ring, a central plot element in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy fiction. The One Ring, entrust to a pure-of-heart Hobbit, must destroy lest it leads to the enslavement of all Middle Earth.

Status and wealth:

One of the most popular things that a ring can symbolize is the wealth and status of the person wearing it. Some of the most expensive gold rings are embellished with precious stones. Depicting the person’s wealth. Most of the time in film, television or literature it is an immediate cue to the audience about the status of a character and his or her personal wealth when they describe as wearing ostentatious rings.

Depicting Membership:

To symbolize their inclusion in a particular group most of the people in clubs, organizations and institutions wear rings.  Membership rings often incorporate symbols, text or colours specific to the organization they represent.

Types of Gold rings you can buy today:

There are many variations that can be seen when it comes to 9ct gold rings cheap. Some prefer the rings made of the purest form of gold or some opt for other types available out there. Some of the famous types of gold rings are mention below from which you can choose from.

  • 9ct D-Shape
  • 9ct Court Shape
  • 9ct Flat Shape
  • 9ct Flat Court Shape
  • 18ct D-Shape
  • 18ct Court Shape
  • 18ct Flat Shape
  • 18ct Flat Court Shape