Different Types Of Black Kittens You Will Love To Pet

Black kittens
Black kittens

It is so satisfying that you have a pet at your home especially kittens. Kittens are the symbol of beauty as they are considered one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. If we categorize kittens than black kittens are the cutest of them. In old times, black cats were recognized as the pets of whores. However, their reputation was not so good but now people do not those myths. Now people have a special place for black kittens in their hearts although some people are still afraid of crossing a path with them. It is a personal preference for them.

Now the question arises on how to get pure black kittens who are not ill? There is a simple solution to that question. You can get professional help to get black kittens. Moreover, kittens need attention and love. So, the professionals provide those kittens a loving and caring environment where they are raised carefully.

You can get black kittens from them. There are a lot of types of black kittens:

  • Bombay
  • Chantilly tiffany
  • Persian
  • Devon Rex
  • Maine coon
  • Oriental


Bombay kittens interact with people. They have a muscular body with short hair on it. However, everything on their body is black including the nose, face, and greenish eyes. Bombay male kittens are usually heavier than females. Those kittens are attached to families especially kids as they like people around them.

Chantilly tiffany

Chantilly tiffany kittens are of many colors. Black is famous for them all because it looks silkier, soft, and smooth. That is why having these kittens are more satisfying than any of them. They have golden eyes which will more intensity as they grow older. However, they are socially loyal and affectionate.

Black kittens


Persian kittens have a round face and short muzzle. Moreover, Persian kittens are sweet and quiet most of the time. They are referred to as the loyal kittens as the are attachment with the family is so strong. However, they are not always full of energy and not always playful because their appearance is lazy. These cats can live from10-20 years. It is a bit funny that they can sleep up to 20 hours a day.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex has a friendly nature and can communicate with all age groups. Therefore, these kittens are very loving and charming to have. They love spending time with families especially children. These black kittens have a short soft coat similar to the Cornish Rex. Moreover, these kittens seem hyperallergic but that statement is not correct about them. Devon Rex mix-up with people and its nature is very playful. They love going on vacation with the family. They are very intelligent that you can train them to walk them on a rope.

Maine coon

Maine coon is highly interactive with people and is very social. However, they like people around them. They have long black hairs that look more attractive to them. It is easy to adapt to them as they do not have many conditions to survive. Moreover, they are friendly, furry, and have similar qualities to most of the cats. They have a hairfall problem which can be solved by regularly brushing their hair.


Oriental black kitten is athletic and playful. These are one of the most intelligent breeds in cats. However, they are known as oriental because of their athletic abilities that they can rapidly move in any orientation. Moreover, they can climb the highest places. Their black color and almond-shaped eyes make them more appealing. They become very bored when there is no human around them. Although some cats react very aggressively when nobody is around them.