Bow Staff – One of the Best Martial Arts Weapon

Bow Staff

Martial arts weapons include a wide variety of cool weapons and one such weapon that you will come across is the Bow Staff. The ninjas were the pioneers in using these cool martial arts staff. Ninjas were a group of people who were based out of a village in modern-day China. 

The warriors practiced martial arts and they also practiced it with these special weapons that included the wooden bo staff, nunchucks, sai, and ninja swords. They practiced these skills to guard themselves and their loved ones from all sorts of dangers. Having an interesting history makes the bow staff an item worth collecting.

Uses of the Bo Staff

There are countless uses of the bo staff that you will come across in the markets. They are as follows.

  • Self Defense

Without any doubt, the staff weapon is the best when it comes to self defense weapons. As the weapon was famous for hitting enemies, this is the primary use of the weapon. Many Bruce Lee films have also depicted the use of the staff, which clearly shows how to use the weapon and how effective it tends to be. You can do the same by keeping the weapon at home.  

  • Collectibles

As the weapons have an amazing history to their name, they tend to be great items to collect. People who love history or love collecting weapons will love having this weapon in their collection. Display it in your living rooms and your guests will be amazed by what you have. 

  • Cosplay and Movie Prop

If you are dressed like a martial artist, the wooden staff will be an amazing thing to carry with to your cosplay events. Everyone will be stunned with the historic weapon you have. Similarly, if you are shooting a movie fight scene, this weapon could be the best option to go for as it is cheaper than the real weapons you will find in the markets. 

  • YouTube

Just like all of the above stated amazing uses, the karate bo staff can turn you into a YouTube star. Simply watch a few clips, practice, and then record your skills and then upload it to YouTube.

How to Use the Staff?

Using the staff is quite easy as numerous martial arts movies have depicted the use of it. By flipping it with both hands, you get to hit multiple enemies at a single time. You can also hit one person at a time with the staff. Just like attacking, you can even block attacks by holding the staff with strength in the direction of the weapon of your enemy. These features make the staff a very precious and easy to use self defense weapon. 

Types of Bo Staff for Sale

Now that you know all about the uses of the staff. Let us get you acquainted with the type of the different bo staff for sale that you will come across. The staffs that you will find in the markets vary in length, width, types of wood, and styles. 

The toothpick staff as the name sounds is an extremely thin staff. Which is ideal for people that do not like carrying much weight. The red oak wood staff is thicker than the toothpick staff and is the best bo staff when it comes to self-defense. A hit from these staff will knock out the enemy instantly. The wood used for the staff is red oak wood, burned carved rattan wood, plain rattan. All types of staff are phenomenal in their own way because of the quality of the wood they are made with.


Martial Arts Staff

Bow Staff for Sale at Cheap Prices

Now that you are well equipped with the right amount of knowledge of the staff. The time has come for you to consider buying the staff. There is a whole lot of bow staff for sale that comes in various designs and wood styles so that everyone gets to make a choice. All staff is available at very low prices so that everyone benefits from them. You can buy the cheap bo staff for yourself or can buy them in bulk to get entitled to a discount. Check out the collection of bo staff for sale and place your order for your favorite one so that you don’t miss out on the amazing deal being offered.