Best and affordable MINI Cooper Repair San Jose:

MINI Cooper Repair San Jose
MINI Cooper Repair San Jose

MINI Cooper is a series of a compact small car which got its recognition by making small hatchback cars with high performance. MINI Coopers are symbolic cars known for their luxury drive but also with small dimensions. These cars are considered in high-class society and very much praised by Young people. Also, they are famous among Womanizers for attracting women by its aggressive and sharp look. As well when a cooper is modified it becomes a racing beast. For the best maintenance of your MINI vehicle, the best in town is MINI Cooper Repair San Jose.

MINI Cooper’s Reputation:

MINI Cooper started to being made in 1966 by British Manufacturing Company BMC. At that time the reputation of the vehicle was not as much as it is today. Later on, the MINI Automotives was being purchased by Leyland Motors. MINI was purchased by Leyland Motor in 1968. When Leyland Motors purchase the MINI it effected a little to MINI reputation among the society.

Only MINI:

MINI Before its collapse with John Cooper, MINI was not that reputed like it was after. MINI released models like MINI Morris, Austin MINI, MINI Morris Seven, etc the models were a success in the market as well as a fortune for MINI automobiles.

MINI and Mr. Bean:

Mr., Bean an iconic character appearing in TV Series Mr., Bean starring Rowan Atkinson helped MINI Automotive building more reputation among the market and people. It’s because Mr. Bean has a citrus green British Leyland MINI 1000 R with handle key lock. An iconic character doing unrealistic acts like putting the sofa above its car can make the car iconic as well. So Mr. Bean affected a lot to MINI reputation. A report said that after Mr. Bean’s hit there was a 7.1% increase in MINI sales. So If Mr. Bean’s favorite MINI car face issues of any type MINI Cooper Service San Jose can repair it efficiently.

MINI and Rover Group:

Rover Group was formed by BL plc remaining; MINI was a subsidiary of Rover Group along with Leyland motors. Rover group was being sold along with MINI automobiles. Later on, the Rover was being purchased by British Aerospace along with MINI.


1994 British Aerospace sold the 80% stakes of the Rover group in which MINI Automotive were included.  Later on, BMW purchased more 20% stakes of Rover Group in which MINI was included. After the purchasing of the Rover group, it cost BMW a very big amount of Pound around 15 billion. This loss resulted in BMW to sale the Rover Group. But MINI was not included in the sale. So it resulted In the separation of MINI from Rover Group and moving its ownership to BMW. So your BMW made MINI cooper can be repaired by MINI Cooper Service San Jose.  

MINI a Girly Car:

MINI is lauded with great handling as well as great gripping. This car gives a luxury and safe ride but with excellent handling so yes its some models are mainly kicked as Girly Car.

MINI Automotive Records:

MINI Cooper has top measures recorded as:

Top Speed: 

MINI Cooper S generation F56 having a top speed of 228kmph.


MINI Cooper S covers and goes 0 to 100 mph in just 7.1 sec.

Top Speed 2:

MINI Cooper S has a top speed of 141 mph in its performance models.

Acceleration 2:

MINI Cooper performance models reach 0 to 60 mph in just 6.9 sec.

Drag Co-efficient: MINI Cooper has a Drag Co-efficient of 3.4 mainly. Sometimes this value discrete and MINI Cooper needs repairmen so for best service in town MINI Cooper Service San Jose is best in town under the Company of Bay Area German Car.