Benefits of Marquee Decoration Hire for your Day

marquee decoration hire

Marquee decoration hire is getting quite famous nowadays, maybe it because cheaper than hiring a resort or hotel. Moreover, you can rent it based on your number of guest. You don’t have to restrict your guest because of space. One can get the services to according to his budget bracket. In other words, it offers you flexibility. Its affordability, availability and easy accessibility have made it very popular and remarkable for the people.

WHY  marquee decoration hire;

To make event perfect people of London hire a marquee for decoration. Marquee is a type of large tent with open sides; it makes other look your venue eye-catching. Marquee provides all sort of honor and facilities which one wants to have in their ceremony. You can arrange your marquee anywhere. It’s like a portable venue. You can have it anywhere whether your garden or on a coastline or in a field. You can choose your site wherever you want and have to tell the service provider company regarding your theme. In short, one has complete freedom in determining what kind of catering services you want, or color, background, lightings, and furniture.

If you choose to have marquee decoration for your event, then the next step is to select the interior. There are different types of the marquee, e.g., A framed or clear-span marquee, it is less expensive but good-looking, gorgeous and lavish. It constructed on a metallic structure which has no interior poles. It has hard floor innate also has organized walls with windows in it. It provides you with all the facilities like the air-conditioned area as well as offers a large room where you can incorporate lunch or dinner for your guest. Moreover, it helps you to organize a bar and even the dance floor. It is suitable for large formal weddings, and it can accommodate a large number of people.

On the other hand, there is tradition marquee. People usually prefer this type of marquee decoration. Thus why it is the most common type of marquees in the UK. It uses such material which makes structure erect and stable by using guy ropes, tent pegs, and midpoint poles. In the past, they used canvas as the material, but nowadays, they use lightweight, and synthetic materials also used. They used PVC material to protect it from sudden weather changes. It is best for the classical garden themed wedding. One can make it more fascinating if they add sprawling flowers and twisted iron furniture in it. After that, one needs to focus on flooring, lighting, linings, heating, and windows.


Lighting in the marquee is one of the most important things that helps set the mood for the party environment. Although during the day you can have natural light, for the evening event you have to make prior arrangements. Here one can consider the different option like candlelight. Nowadays marquee decorators offer many innovative ideas they tend to use different visual effect.

How marquee can be right:

Selection of Curtains and other hanging plays an important role to add zest effect in the event. There should be a contrast between light and curtain because it helps you to enhance the beauty of the fact. For instance, if you select black hangings for the ceiling and some LED lights for decoration purpose, then it will create night sky effect. One can use anything from colors to marquee lining according to their choice and theme.

If you want to have a signature wedding or reception party, then make sure to pick the flower arrangements that blend very well with the particular theme. Even for the selection of bouquet, you have to be very careful.

First, carefully think about all the minute detail like how many guests you have had in your wedding, what type wedding or theme you will follow, what furniture or drag you would prefer, how many tables you would like to have, etc. then put the tent. Then pre-book your marquee to avoid any disappointment especially if it is summer. The most important thing in all this procedure is the budget. Then tell all your requirements to the marquee decoration which are hiring, they will offer you different packages. By getting the services of the professional team, they will help you to make your D-day mesmerizing in a reasonable budget as well as they will guide you properly and may give you many innovative ideas. You can’t only hire them for the wedding, but you can hire them for any event. They will make your task easy.


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