Aqua Tek – The Best Boiler Installation Company in Romford

Boiler Installation

You need a boiler installation in Romford, West London or South-east London then Aqua Tek is the best company for you. They would provide with the high-quality boiler installation along with technical assistance and proper maintenance.

Winters and London are partners. In old weather, boilers became a fundamental need. For the sake of your comfortability and good health, you need best boilers in town. Aqua Tek is the company who would help you out in not only having a good boiler, but they also provide installation service in North-west of London, west of London and in South-east zone of London. Our company has highly technical and trained staff who can help in installation of the boiler.

We provide the best quality product at economical prices and makes your winters favorable for you by providing hot water.

Best Boiler Installation for Residential and Commercial Use:

Our boilers can be selected for commercial as well as residential use. We have developed boilers with approximately all the specifications. The customer can choose any of our boiler for installation of having following points in mind.
1. Whether you want to select it for your home or office.
2. The flow of water at your place.
3. If you have one washroom.
4. If one owns more than two toilets.
5. Some people in your house.
6. Demand for hot water.
7. If you are installing it in the new home.
8. If you want to upgrade your old boiler.
9. The demand of back boiler, if any back boiler already exists.

Technical Assistance of Engineers:

Our products are assembled and manufactured by highly-educated engineers. Our products are reliable because of the best quality manufacturing. Aqua Tek provides availability of boilers in North-west London, West London or south-east London. Our Product provision is along with the technical assistance from qualified staff. Our staff visits the site and advice the buyer regarding the installation of boilers. They also help the buyer to select boiler according to its specification and model.


Quality is an essential clause of our business. Our company has provided the best quality service to our clients; this is what our goodwill is based on. The customer can quickly check the model and type of boiler before making the payment. Customer’s satisfaction is the foremost clause of our policy. This way the customer can first check boilers, he wants to purchase. If he got satisfied with the specification and model of the boiler, he could buy it. Transparency is our basic rule. There is no hidden charges or hidden policy amalgamated in our sale contract.

Best Boiler Installation

Types of Boilers:

Our engineers can install following kinds of boilers in your house or office
A. Back boilers
B. Combi boilers
C. Regular boilers
D. System boilers
E. Energy-efficient condensing gas boilers.
Our customer care staff would help you to choose any of the boilers which would suit you the best.

Mode of Payment:

Customer’s Safety is our motto; your money is worth for us too. Aqua Tek is against any scam or data leakage. All modes of payments are mentioned on our website, and all methods are safe for our respectable clients. Until now we haven’t received any single complaint regarding data theft or data leakage. With the help of most reliable mode of payments, one can purchase town’s best boilers for personal as well as commercial use. Visa Card and Master card are highly acceptable.

Client’s Safety:

Buyer’s Safety is essential for us. That’s why Aqua Tek provides the service of check and balance on all our products. Our company has recruited highly qualified staff who themselves check every boiler installation before setting it on transit. Other than our technical team our customer care unit is always available for you to solve your queries.

Contact with direct Plumbers:

Aqua Tek provides a unique feature of the direct call to the plumber. This facility can save customer’s time. In standard companies, Customer first has to call customer care unit then the customer care officer called the plumber to solver his issues. But in Aqua Tek our customers can directly contact plumbers who can fix their problem in few minutes.

Excellency in Customer Service:

Our customer care unit is always there for you to listen to your problems and issues. The customer can call us anytime on our contact number, and he would be entertained immediately. We have a good record in delighting our customers.

Warranty on boilers:

Company’s goodwill is significant for us, and we have achieved this goodwill by supplying the best products. Our products are developed by best technical hand. Our quality is flawless, and prices are affordable. Products are long lasting as we don’t make a compromise on our class. Aqua Tek Provides five years to 10 years warranty on all boilers. The company would be responsible for any failure or damage within a specified period.

Sale Contract:

Our sale Contact is very easy and transparent. Every clause and condition in our sale contract and installation contract is mentioned explicitly. The company is not allowed to take any hidden charges or hidden taxes. Our company peruses transparency in every domain.