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Blue Kittens

Those big rounds eyes that look so deeply into your soul that it sends shivers down your spine. Yes, these blue kittens need no introduction! These beautiful small creatures are extremely adorable and they win all the hearts! You lay eyes on them and that is your first love right there. Blue kittens are loved by everyone all over the world. You do not have to be a cat person to acknowledge this beauty at all. You only need to have the heart to be able to love it the way it is. This guide will explain everything you need to know about this breed and will give you reasons why you should have one:

Characteristics of blue kittens:

A blue kitten belongs to a Russian breed and is also known as Russian Blue Kitten. This kitten is merely known for its unique grey-blue color and fur. They have eyes like that of sunflower color and are particularly famous for their eye color changes. Russian blue kittens are born as petite, little creatures but as they grow up, they become big and lean. This change in their shape and size shows how drastic the transformation can be.

This Russian breed is not prone to allergies and it does not cause as many like others. So if you want a kitten but you are low key anxious about having some, you should get a blue kitten. They are the perfect packaging of beauty and good breed characteristics. Moreover, this breed does not shed hair in an excessive amount. Comparative to others, the rate of shedding hair is lower than others.

This breed is also known to be rated as the best pet kitten one can have. Not only are they fun but are extremely easy to be adopted. You can easily take care of these kittens as they are not much of a nuisance. These kittens grow up to be loving and caring towards their owners. This is true for every kind of pet that one can own. Once your pet gets familiar with you, they will be extremely affectionate.

How to Train Your Blue Kitten?

Grooming of your pet is one of the most important responsibilities. Many people only have the craze of adopting a pet. However, it is essential to acknowledge that you cannot neglect your pet like that. Domesticating your pet can be a difficult task in the beginning. This is because they are used to living with their own. However, with love and care, you can easily make your pet familiar with the environment. Russian blue kittens require extreme grooming when it comes to maintaining their beauty. As an owner, you must keep their fur in check. You should make sure that you are brushing it as well as keeping them clean overall.

This breed is not sensitive but they can have stones in their bladder. This is the first thing you should know about your blue kitten. Make sure to give them an extremely careful diet. Most importantly, maintain the nutritional diet after consulting your vet. They will feel comfy as long as they don’t have any bladder issues. Next up is to ensure that you spend your time in domesticating the kitten. You have to be gentle with treating them or else it can backfire. The kittens are loving and will pick what you teach them.

This breed is popular because of its wit. Cats are Satan’s muse which is cute in some way. Kittens are adorable but have a sharp memory. They observe and pick what they see, like a child. You need to find a way around to keep them on the right track. Let them be mischievous and let them take their time in becoming comfortable.

Where to Get this Authentic Breed From?

You can reach out to Pure Love Cattery to buy the authentic breed of Russian Blue Kittens at affordable prices!