A Guide on the Different Types of Ninja Weapons

Ninja weapons

The Ninja Weapons were a set of weapons that were used by ninjas for the protection of their loved ones and belongings. Turning into a ninja was a tough thing as it required passion, dedication, and patience. The ninjas acquired special skills, with and without weapons.

The weapons are good for many uses however the historical connection of the weapons makes them worth adding to your collection. The weapons come in a variety of styles and some of them have also been given modern touches to make them look even cooler. 

The cool ninja weapons that you will find today in the markets include nunchucks, sai, ninja star, and many more. This guide will get you familiar with all these weapons and their uses. 

Ninja Weapons for Sale

As mentioned above there are a variety of ninja weapons for sale that you will find. The weapons are good in quality and give the exact historical feel you need. Let us find out.

  • Nunchuck

The nunchucks are a weapon that consists of two sticks that are joint together with a thick chain. You can hit your opponents with one stick while holding the other or you can strangle them with the chain by holding both sticks together. 

  • Ninja Sword

The ninja sword is a special kind of sword that you may have never seen before. Unlike other swords, the sword is short in size and has a unique blade cut. The ninjas carried two swords instead of one due to their short size. 

Real Ninja Weapons


  • Sai

The sai is a fork-shaped weapon that has very sharp edges. It is an enlarged version of a fork and has a small handle. The weapon is ideal for stabbing because of its sharp pointed fingers. 

  • Ninja Star

The ninja star also known as the shuriken is a star-shaped weapon that is meant for throwing at enemies from a distance just like the throwing knives. The weapon is ideal for hunting and self defense as it does not require you to get into a fistfight.

  • Bo Staff

The bo staff is a stick type of weapon made up of top quality wood. It is used to block a large number of people and it can also be used to hit enemies. You can hit one at a time or you can hit multiple at one go by flipping the staff. 

All ninja weapons are good in quality and last longer. Many martial arts movies like the Bruce Lee ones and cartoon shows such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have depicted the use of the weapon. You can watch them learn how to use the real ninja weapons

Uses of the Cool Ninja Weapons

The weapons have many uses, some of which you may have not heard of. Let us find out.

  • Self Defense

The primary use of the weapons is that of self defense and that is what the ninjas used them for. You can decide on carrying the weapons with you or you can simply keep them home for your safety. Whatever, the case the weapons will always prove to be the best.

  • Hunting

The stars and staff that you find from the collection of these weapons are ideal for hunting purposes. You can carry them to the wilds and can then hunt down anything with ease from a safe distance. This makes them ideal for hunting as it reduces the risk of you getting hurt. 

  • Collection

Since the weapons are from history, they tend to be great additions to your collection. Buy them, and display them in your living room and everyone will be left amazed by the historical weapons you have. 

  • Cosplay/Movie Props

Buying a real weapon for a cosplay event or for a movie shooting would always be a bad idea. Therefore it is recommended that you buy these weapons as they are economical and give a realistic feel. They will amaze everyone for sure.

Buy Cheap Ninja Weapons and Impress Everyone

Now that you know all about the weapons in the discussion, their uses, and types, let us now get you acquainted with the price they are being offered at. The weapons are available at very cheap rates so that everyone gets to benefit from them. You can buy the cheap ninja weapons for yourself or can buy them in large quantities if you intend to make money out of them. 

Buying in bulk is beneficial as you get to buy them at even more low prices and you can sell them ahead at higher prices. With the knowledge given above, it is very likely that you will have the best weapon in hand. Check out the collection of ninja weapons available and place your order today for your favorite ones.