5 Common Causes of Blocked Drains Reading You Need to Know

blocked drains reading
blocked drains reading

We often face the problems of blocked drains Reading due to which we have to face so much trouble. This is a very disgusting problem that occurs due to different reasons. No matter why your drainage has blocked and why badly it has blocked. You need immediate cleaning and unblocking of it through the experts.

Once you will search for a professional drain unblocking or cleaning expert. You will find several companies offering these services to their clients. These companies are working under a licensed professional and have employed qualified and talented plumbers that can easily clean a drain. They use a specific drain cleaner chemical which is very effective and useful for this purpose. Moreover, the expert plumbers also use other methods to unblock or clean the drainpipes if anything has stuck inside of them. It may also require CCTV drain inspection which is very useful to detect the main reason for drain blockage.

There are five common reasons for block drains that you need to know. It will help you to keep your drain safe from serious drain blockage.

Important causes of blocked drains Reading

  • Sports ball stuck inside the drain
  • Over wastewater
  • Drain not cleaned for a long time
  • Allowing plastic bags & covers to go inside the drain
  • Damaged drain pipe

Sports ball stuck inside the drain:

If you want to protect your drain from a serious blockage that might cause standing water everywhere. Then you need to take care of your kids and adults that they may not throw the ball inside the drain pipe. It may cause serious blockage and you will have to face the wastewater stand issue. The most difficult job in plumbing is to unblock the drain when the sports ball has stuck inside the pipes. Most of the people complain to unblock the drain releasing the sports ball from the drainage. Therefore, you are advised to keep the sports balls away from the drain pipes.

A ball may get into the drainage from the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere you have a pipe to release the water.

Over wastewater

The over-pressure or amount of wastewater also results in blockage of the drain system. The drain pipes have a limited and specific capacity to release the wastewater. They cannot allow so much wastewater at once through the same pipeline. Therefore the over wastewater is another important cause of block drains. The wastewater stands on the ground and you have to ask someone to open or clean the drain quickly.

Drain not cleaned for a long time:

We all know that we need periodical cleaning of drainage and drain pipe-line. It is very important to keep the drain system clean and perfect to get a fast and smooth flow of wastewater. However, when we don’t clean the drain for a long time it causes drain blockage. All the waste material in the hard form gets stuck collectively inside the drain pipes that stop the wastewater from the pipes. So this is an important cause of drain pipeline blockage that you can control by cleaning the drain pipes after a specific period.

blocked drains reading
blocked drains reading

Allowing plastic bags & covers inside the drain:

The plastic bags, covers, or chins of candies, jellies, and chocolates may be stuck inside the drain pipe and cause drain blockage. It happens when you allow these things to go inside the drain. You need to keep the drain pipes cover with a filter so that the thick waste material remains outside the drain. Otherwise, it might be stuck inside the drain pipe and stop the flow of wastewater. Many people face the blockage of a drain due to which reason.

Damaged drain pipes:

Damages in the drain pipes may also cause the blocked drain. The drain pipelining has a specific period of life and after that, you need to replace the drain pipeline of your property. In the case the drain pipes have become outdated they may get down, pressed, or broken within the drainage. Therefore, it might cause blockage of drain and standing wastewater in your house or elsewhere. In this condition, you need to get the overall replacement of your drain pipelining or replace the damaging part of the pipeline on an urgent basis.

Why do I need a professional plumber for the blocked drain?

Whether you need to unblock your drain, repair it, or install new drain pipelining. You have to acquire the services of professional plumbers. This is because they are the only ones that can perform this job better than anyone else. However, if we talk about the blocked drains then we don’t have any substitute for the plumbers. They are specialized in unblocking the drains due to which they can unblock your drain within the shortest time. For a common individual, it is very difficult even to detect the blockage area in the drain system. Therefore, experts are the best option for such services.